The Technical Committee advises Board on technical issues involving Board’s development programs, major internal projects, and interaction with other stakeholders. The Committee assists the Board and management to stay abreast of new developments in the engineering fraternity. In the discharge of its responsibilities, the Committee;

a) Reviews, evaluates and advises the Board regarding the long-term strategic goals and objectives and the quality and direction of the Board’s development programs.
b) Recommends approaches to the development and maintaining Board’s position (including but not limited to contracts, grants, collaborative efforts and alliances / MOUs.
c) Regularly reviews the set objectives of the Board.
d) Assists the Board with its oversight responsibility for risk management in areas affecting the Board’s development.
e) Reviews and approves the commitment of long-term development expenditures.

The Technical Committee is chaired by Eng. Bwanga George William.


The Finance and Administration Committee has the Primary responsibility for financial reporting, accounting systems, management plans and budgets, internal controls are vested in Administration and overseen by the Board. The purpose of the Finance Committee is to advise the Board in fulfilling its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to financial planning and property affairs of the Board. The Committee;

a) Reviews and provides recommendations to the Board regarding annual budgets developed by Administration including recommendations with respect to annual and other fees.
b) Reviews quarterly budget-to-actual reports provided by Administration.
c) Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the approval of authorized signing officers in respect of all banking and make recommendations to the Board in respect of banking services.
d) Reviews the investment management activities of the Board.
e) Reviews Board’s compliance with applicable tax requirements

The Finance and Administration Committee is chaired by Eng. Sooma Ayub.


The Disciplinary Committee is mandated to ensure the protection of the Board, Engineering Professionals and public interest by establishing and maintaining a system of dealing with matters of conduct of Engineering Professionals referred to it for discipline.

The Disciplinary Committee is chaired by Eng. Dr. Florence Lubwama Kiyimba


JAC reviews, examines and evaluates professional engineers’ applications for Corporate Membership at Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE) and advise on their suitability or non-suitability for registration. JAC consists of representatives from ERB and UIPE.


Accreditation Committee works with National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) to assess the adequacy and relevance of an engineering program being offered in Universities or other engineering training institutions. They identify those engineering programs that meet the criteria for accreditation. This criteria formulated provides graduates with an education satisfying the academic requirements for registration and professional practice. Accreditation Committee consists of representatives from ERB and UIPE.


Panels review, examine and evaluate professional engineers’ applications and advise the Board on their suitability or non-suitability for registration. They also take up any other matters of engineering nature as may be requested by the Board or its Committee and offer professional advice or response as appropriate.
They consist of;
1. Civil and Environmental Panel Chaired by Eng. Dr. Eleanor Wozei
2. Electrical Panel Chaired by Eng. Bahanda Elias
3. Mechanical Panel Chaired by Eng. Dr. Tumwesigye John Kihumire