Why Register?

It is a legal requirement: For one to practice Engineering in Uganda, one needs to register with ERB. ERB Registers only Members of UIPE.

As a member of UIPE you belong to the Engineers’ “Club”. Clubs serve and protect their members.

Professional registration is an important milestone for any profession. It is a mark of excellence.

Registration shows your peers and employers that you have demonstrated a commitment to professional standards, and to developing and enhancing professionalism.

Being a member demonstrates that you are internationally competitive.

Benefits of Membership

As a Member you can be called upon to represent Engineers on Government Boards, Commissions, etc.

Access to Continuous Professional Development (CDP).

Access and Sharing of Information: periodicals, magazine, library facility and on-line resources.

Career advice and employment opportunities (Career opportunities are posted on the UIPE & ERB websites and emailed to registered members).