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You are hereby invited to a one day Engine er's Forum which is scheduled to take place on Friday 1 8 th September 201 5 , at Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Ballroom, starting at 8.00am . The Forum is organized by the Engineers Registration Board (ERB).

The theme of the Forum is "Human Capital for Transforming Uganda to a Middle Income Country by 2020: The Role of Engineers". This year's event will focus on the following themes:

(i) Technical Education and Training
(ii) Human Resource Management
(iii) Infrastructural Development
(iv) Productivity
(v) Innovation and Technology

This year's Forum takes special interest in the important sectors of technical education, energy, manufacturing, industry, transport and communication infrastructure, water and sanitation; focusing on the role of engineers as an important component of human capital. As has recently been emphasized by the Country's leadership and is frequently pointed out in policy documents, the effort of moving the country from its current status to a middle income country requires concerted and tireless input from all stakeholders.

This is a must-attend forum for all Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, and other Allied Professions. Certificates will also be awarded to newly Registered Engineers.
The program will feature the following:

1. Recognition of Elders (Engineers)
2. Keynote address from the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister
3. Presentation on Human Resource Management in the Construction Industry
4. Presentation on Promoting Public Awareness Campaigns for Technology Innovations
5. Presentation on Engineering and Infrastructure Development
6. Presentation on Planning for Infrastructure needs for Uganda
7. Presentation on Ethics in Engineering Projects
8. Certificate giving ceremony

Note: Registration is on-going at the Secretariat. Entrance Fee Ugx. 50,000 per participant.

Eng. George Bwanga
Registrar, Engineers Registration Board
Tel: 0414 288771, 0772471094

Notice of the Engineers Forum 2015

Programme for ERB Forum 2015


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The role of a Registered Engineer in the Practice of Engineering in Uganda

A Registered Engineer is expected to: Undertake responsibility for the planning, design, implementation, operation...

How to become a Registered Engineer in Uganda

Direct Applicants
All candidates who attained 'Member' of UIPE before the commencement of the UIPE/ERB Joint Assessment Committee (JAC) are required to submit a Technical Report and Career Report plus attending a Board Interview. In addition they apply for registration by filling ERB Form ERA 1, and attaching copies of certificates for the Board's processing of the documentation.

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