About ERB

The Engineers Registration Board (ERB) is established under the Engineers Registration Act (ERA) Cap 271, as a statutory body with a mission to regulate and control engineers and their profession within Uganda.

The function of the Board is to regulate and control engineers and their activities within Uganda, and to advise Government in relation thereto. It has wide ranging powers to register, deregister, restore registration, suspend registration, hold inquiries, hear appeals and appear as respondents against a case brought against it in the High Court.

The 17th Board was appointed with effect from 1st February 2018 for a two year term. The Board's composition is as follows:

 1. Eng. Dr. Michael M. Odongo - Chairman
2. Eng. Henry Francis Okinyal - Vice - Chairman
3. Eng. Andrew M. Kitaka - Member
4. Eng. Peter Balimunsi - Member
5. Eng. Dr. Florence Lubwama Kiyimba - Member
6. Eng. Elias Bahanda - Member
7. Eng. Pande M. Michael - Member
8. Eng. Ronald Namugera - member


How to become a Registered Engineer in Uganda

Direct Applicants
All candidates who attained 'Member' of UIPE before the commencement of the UIPE/ERB Joint Assessment Committee (JAC) are required to submit a Technical Report and Career Report plus attending a Board Interview. In addition they apply for registration by filling ERB Form ERA 1, and attaching copies of certificates for the Board's processing of the documentation.

Attributes of a Registered Engineer

The attributes of a Registered Engineer include the following: Sound understanding of engineering principles;...

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